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IviBet App In-depth Review

Experience the thrill of the sportsbook and the fun of the casino with the IviBet App.

The gambling industry in Canada has experienced a lot of technological innovations in recent years. From new security measures to payment methods, these changes have significantly changed the experience for Canadian players.

One such innovation is mobile gambling, which evolved from mobile website versions to full-fledged apps. Today, we’re going to talk about one such app, and it comes from the popular operator IviBet.

This review will cover the different benefits of using a dedicated mobile app and walk you through the installation process. Let’s not waste any more time and get right to it.

IviBet App Download

Benefits of Using IviBet Mobile App

Before we show you how you can get the app installed on your phone, let’s delve a bit more into the advantages of using such an application. As there are a lot of them, we’re only going to cover the most important ones.

  1. The ability to play anywhere on the go with a stable Internet connection.
  2. Dedicated gambling apps load faster and deliver a much better performance.
  3. A secure gambling experience thanks to Android and iOS operating systems.
  4. Better visual quality for slots, table games, and live dealer titles.
  5. Enjoy secure payment gateways even when you’re on the IviBet application.

Mobile App for iOS Users

There’s no doubt that Apple is one of the biggest smart mobile device companies in the world. More than half of the population in Canada uses iPhones. And since there are very few gambling apps that players can enjoy on this secure operating system, it’s nice to see IviBet having a fully functioning app.

The IviBet iOS app performs really well on Apple’s smartphone and tablet devices. As these are equipped with screens that offer high visual fidelity, the games look amazing. Couple that with the fact that iOS devices are incredibly secure. So if anyone wants to get access to your login info, they won’t find much success.

With all that being said, let’s move on and see how you can download and install the IviBet app on your iOS system.

Download & Installation Process

  1. To download IviBet app, start by visiting the website using your tablet or phone’s browser.
  2. Once there, locate the download page for the mobile app.
  3. Pick the “Download for iOS” option. This will redirect you to the App Store listing for the IviBet app.
  4. Press on “Get” to begin the download process for the mobile app. You might need to authorize the download with your Touch ID or Face ID.
  5. Wait for a few moments for the app to install. Once it finishes, you can sign up or log in to the app with your existing IviBet credentials.

Mobile App for Android

It’s easier to get gambling apps for Android devices as it’s an open-source system. That also happens to be the case for the Android app. You can find it on the official website to start the IviBet App download on your phone.

In terms of performance, it’s more or less similar to the iPhone version. The features and collection of games are the same as the desktop version of the IviBet website. So if you want to enjoy the same Bonus Buy and Jackpot games as other Canadians on the platform, you’ll be able to do that easily.

So, what is the installation procedure for this version of the mobile application looking like? We’re happy to inform it’s hassle-free, just like the iOS app.

Download & Installation Process

  1. Visit the IviBet website from your phone and navigate over to the mobile app download page.
  2. Instead of the iOS option, you need to choose “Download for Android”.
  3. This will start downloading the IviBet APK file on your device. This is the same file that you need to install the IviBet app on your phone.
  4. When the download finishes, open up the file. You’ll need to authorize the installation of the app, as it was downloaded from a third-party site.
  5. Give it a few moments to install. Once it finishes, the phone will notify you. You can now log in to the IviBet app and start enjoying all of its features.

Mobile Website Version

If you’re concerned about the security of the mobile app, or you have an older phone that’s unable to run the application, there is an alternative for you. You can use the mobile website version of IviBet to get a similar experience as the application.

Other than the occasional loading time and stutters here and there, the experience on the mobile website will be the same as the app. You can access all of the casino and card games, bet on different sports, and even make your payments using IviBet’s mobile site version

Compatible Devices

Speaking of older devices, you might be curious to find out which phones you can use for the IviBet app. While we can tell you about the specific models for iPhones, for Androids we’ll share the technical specifications as there are several brands available on the market.

iOS users running the software version 10.0 or better can use the IviBet app on their iOS devices. To give you a better perspective, if you’re running something better than the iPhone 6 or the iPad 5th generation, you will get the optimal experience.

When it comes to IviBet Android app, any phone that has at least 2 GB of RAM and Android version 6.0 or higher can run the application without any issues. Do keep in mind that if you’re using the latest version, you will get significantly better performance out of the app.

Safety of Mobile App

We understand that there might be some concerns among our readers regarding the safety and security of IviBet’s mobile app. If you’re worried about your information getting stolen, you should top it right away. That’s because, just like the desktop version, the mobile app uses the same encryption protocols to protect the players’ information.

And when you’re making your payments, you’ll need to use 2FA to authorize your payments. This ensures a high level of safety when making your online payments.

Questions and Answers

  • Do I Need to Clear Space to Install the IviBet App on My Phone?

    One of the best parts of using IviBet’s application is that it’s incredibly lightweight. If you have at least 100Mb of space on your phone, you’ll be able to install the app without any hitches.

  • Do I Have to Pay to Install the IviBet App?

    No, you can download the app from IviBet’s official website completely free of charge.